Channel Template dialog

When creating new or editing a template from the database, Channel Template dialog box is opened. It has the following items:

Online News Screensaver - add a new RSS, RDF, ATOM feed into the screen saver

If you choose RSS format, you can test template functioning by clicking button Test at the bottom of the dialog box.

If you choose HTML format, you need write Regular Expressions for the section and for the news body according to which the news will be filtered through. The Regular Expressions from the programming language Perl are used here. Regular Expressions writing requires from you programming knowledge and experience. So this material learning can take quite a lot of time from the beginners. You can read more about the Regular Expressions in Internet:

If you want to add a channel that would be useful to the other Screensaver users, send us a message to with exact URL of the channel. And we'll add it to the Screensaver database as quick as possible.

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