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Drunken Clock Screensaver

Screen shot
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Drunken Clock Screensaver est une attrayante horloge analogique qui se promene doucement au hazard sur votre ecran. Telechargez-la gratuitement et constatez par vous-meme comme elle est seduisante.
  • Plusieurs types de mouvements
  • Plusieurs modeles additionnels (for free!)
  • Atomic clock - synchronisation de votre horloge systeme via Internet
  • Ticker - possibilite d'ecrire un message sur l'ecran
  • Utilisation sur plusieurs moniteurs (ecran noir sauf sur le moniteur principal)
Configuration minimum requise:
200 MHz, RAM 32 Mb, Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP, DirectX 6.

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Awards and Reviews:
From one strange clock to another, here is the "Drunken Clock" screen saver. This is one of our personal favorites here at Tucows Themes. If you've ever wanted to see an acurate portrayal of how objects appear when you are really, really drunk, download this screen saver. The background moves, the hands of the clock are all wavy and distorted, and the clock itself moves all over the place. It's got all of the fun visual effects of being drunk, with no nasty hangovers in the morning!
I've never been much of an analog guy, though. It takes me four hours to figure out what time it is, and by the time I figure out what time it was, the time has passed - and I have to start all over again. Gimme digital any day of the week - any time.
Drunken Clock is a funny name for a screen saver with delightful animated graphics. It displays a classic analog-style clock that ticks and randomly moves across the screen.
Drunken Clock is a clock [duh] that wanders around your screen like it was....DRUNK! And it ticks. It can be translucent, snow covered, or look like itís underwater. I particularly liked the one where the clock wobbled and the 3 hands shimmied.

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